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Space Based Pricing

Space Based Pricing

Spaced-based pricing is a simplified approach to LTL shipping — it makes getting a quote easier and more accurate. Similar to the Absolute Minimum Charge that applies to weight-based pricing, the Cubic Minimum Charge (CMC) is a minimum linehaul rate for shipments based on the space they occupy — establishing an absolute minimum price per cubic foot for LTL shipments. When you get an LTL quote by phone or online, just provide the dimensions of your shipment (length, width and height), along with details such as origin, destination, weight, and class, and we’ll help determine whether the space-based minimum charge applies to your freight.

Does This Change How I Get LTL Rates Online Or By Phone?

You’ll now be prompted to provide shipment dimensions when you get an LTL quote. Simply give the length, width and height of the shipment, along with details like origin, destination, weight, class and any special services you may need. If shipment dimensions are entered during the quote process and the CMC may apply, you will be notified.

Am I required to provide shipment dimensions?

Shipment dimensions are not required to get a quote; however, they help ensure accuracy. If they’re not provided, we’ll prompt you to add them. If you are unable to provide dimensions, we’ll measure the shipment for you using dimensioners, our Weighing & Research team or our drivers. It’s important to note that the quoted rate is subject to change if dimensions are not provided or are inaccurate.

How are dimensions verified?

We encourage you to write your shipment dimensions on the bill of lading and we will accept the dimensions you submit. Similar to weight verification, dimensions are subject to inspection and verification by CE Express team.

Does the CMC replace the Density Minimum Charge (DMC)?

If the CMC applies to your shipments, it replaces both the Density Minimum Charge (DMC) and the Capacity Load Minimum Charge (Cap Load).

The CE Express team is available to provide the assistance you need. Contact your local account manager with questions about how the space-based minimum charge impacts your shipments, or let our packaging engineers help improve your product packaging for lower costs, enhanced efficiency and better security.